After a long dry spell returns Jason Voorhees 2017 finally back, order to build up both in digital and cinematic form with helpless Teens. Developers Gun Media makes fans, already longingly at „Friday the 13th: The Game“ Wait, an early Christmas present and they can for all 17 Immerse minutes into the deadly world of official video game. In the game, the summer to 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and of course PC users appear, players assume either the role of a victim or Jason Voorhees itself. Both are diverse Weapons and aids available, to the other side to send to bloodthirsty way possible into the realm of the dead. Sean S. Cunningham, Creator of the Friday the 13th series, is excited:

There are 30 Years have passed, since fans last Friday for a game, the 13 series could experience. The technology has finally reached a level, with which we can make a game, which will correspond to what fans meet. Es war always a dream of mine, the players are Jason to leave and to hunt unsuspecting campers, the prowl at Camp Crystal Lake. I'm very pleased, to bring these ideas to life now!