On the big screen Jason Voorhees is hailed by millions of fans, but the mass dares also, him zutreten eye to eye? A question, which pretty soon „Friday the 13th: The Game“, stake cult saga, be answered! While the swimming season at Camp Crystal Lake will not start until this fall, here but already a significant gameplay view of the bloody tryst with the giant cult mordenen. In der Versoftung, the opposite of October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and of course PC users appear, players assume either the role of a victim or Jason Voorhees itself. Both are diverse Weapons and aids available, to the other side to send to bloodthirsty way possible into the realm of the dead.

Funny how when Jason obviously always again have to hear his mom, apparently lacks a in the whole violence. I'm surprised not so, but is also nice, that one can attempt apparently to hide from Jason and lure him off the scent can. the Video here is a very early alpha version, So can occasionally still some change. But so far it looks like a fun party game.