The sell-off has to go on in the eyes of tallica well. The only way to explain this appearance, be but let's say you, there are things in life, the simple one does not. Just as this appearance of METALLICA Together with Lady Gaga Latest Night at the Grammy Awards. But apparently waved ne rod coal and finally Lday Gaga is nice and cute is the little brother of… well, at the appearance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Hetfield struggled with microphone problems and at the end of the performance we see him the microphone stand umtreten and throw his guitar on stage. yeah, why not so and do not perform with the chicken??? As the Gaga already moved only on stage… – obviously she had a lot of fun on stage and has in advance as a tribute even a new Tattoo get stung. On Instragram she posted a picture of a large moth with a skull and provided it with the heading „The Moth & METALLICA„. well, at least someone, had the fun… :Skull: :skull2: :Ass: