YouTube user has just Hogwit 14 Published second movie, showing a flying flying platforms with mounted thereon gun, which delivers multiple shots in a wooded area of ​​low altitude. The aircraft begins the recoil of gunfire doing surprisingly well, and seems to come at any time into an uncontrolled flight condition. Scary and work of a 18-year-old.

A semi-automatic pistol on board a Quadkopters? According to the brief description of the Video on YouTube is a self-built UAV with a length of approximately 66 Centimeters (26 Customs) „from the mouth to tail“. When the weapon it should be a semi-automatic pistol. More details are to learn. In YouTube channel Hogwit otherwise nothing spectacular to find, except an incident, in which Hogwit apparently attacked physically by a passerby, the accused, to have filmed with his copter secretly people on the beach. This incident and the subsequent trial, in which the attacker was sentenced, was the intelligence service at the time Forbes worth more detailed messages. This should be clear, Who is behind the pseudonym Hogwit: The now 18-year-old American Austin Haughwout, a teenager, who likes to play with his camera copter and harmless Movies rotates.

The more the video snippets coincides with the Schiesskopter out of the frame. It's difficult to say, whether the film is genuine or a fake. It is also strange, that is subject to the shooting video of Note, one should in „License issues“ contact - a Website, which specializes in the viral distribution of videos on the net. That speaks neither for nor against its authenticity. If it should, however, be really genuine, is to be feared, that Austin Haughwout his innocence lost has and rearming with the help of his obviously strong technical skills his model aircraft Park. A frightening development.

The booming international Maker movement is not just hobbyists, Artists and reformers - even crypto-anarchist groups consider themselves to. They want to abolish state power monopoly, inter alia by way of technical means such as cheap 3D printers and CNC milling. So spread about the US group „Defense Distributed“ in the name of this ideology Tools, Open source print templates and instructions for building homemade firearms without state control. In the US, the construction of such a weapon is legal in certain circumstances - in our latitudes, however, the production of each essential part of a weapon is prohibited, as long as you do not have a „Weapons manufacturing license“ has. The example possess professional gunsmith.

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