The French extreme athletes Franky Zapata has developed a Hoverboard, the up to three kilometers high and 150 km / h can fly fast. Technical details but you remain guilty. According to Zapata fuel stops, he protested in Video carries on the back, for up to ten minutes. Production-ready device but is probably still a long way.

Through „independent drive units“ up to the „Hoverboard“ Keep named Flyboard Air in the air. According to Zapata are heights of more than three kilometers possible, in the video, but he considers himself always a few meters above water. The speed limits should 150 be kilometers per hour. Technically, this is all but entirely possible. So a Canadian inventor has set up last year set a world record for the longest jump with a hoverboard – the construction of the Hoverboards was similar to that of Air Flyboard.

The authenticity of the video has been challenged quickly, Especially since the alleged Hoverboard another Invention similar Zapata. He was the „Water Jetpack“ flyboard bekannt, enabling by means of two powerful water jets, up to 15 Meters above the water surface to „hover“. Meanwhile own sport called Flyboarding it has developed. To dispel doubts, but was a now the second video released, the takeoff and landing shows. Technical details but it remains guilty.