The documentation „Florida Man“ shows us, warum der Bundesstaat so merkwürdig ist. Da wird schon mal nackt eine Tankstelle überfallen oder mit einer Schlange Seilspringen gespielt oder wie die ganzen News so lauten, denen man öfter im Internet encounters. Are Dunne is driven by the state and has spoken to experiment with all people. Und spätestens hier muss man feststellen, dass die da drüben in Florida alle irgendwie bekloppt sind. Very interesting documentary, trotz der Länge von 50 Minutes, But 50 Minutes worth. really.

Basically we just drove around aimlessly, stopping any time we saw something or someone that interested us and one thing would lead to another and the universe would pull us in one direction or another. Most of what you’re seeing in the final film is the entirety of our interaction with these guys. It was quick and to the point and I didn’t even interview people besides the occasional “Any words of wisdom?” So what we got was a Whole bunch of people telling stories and talking about whatever was on their mind. It was a strange and exciting journey that took us to a lot of places we didn’t expect.

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Florida Man