Guillermo del Toro, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Paul Greengrass and Lawrence Kasdan with the narrative voice of Meryl Streep will present in a new Netflix documentary series The World War II work of Frank Capra, John Ford, John Huston, George Stevens und William Wyler. The series will be dedicated to the documentary itself, but also track, as the experience of the Second World War, the filmmakers and their work has had a lasting influence. Spielberg and the Second World War is always interesting and in addition is Netflix still some of the documentaries of Ford, Wyler and Co. Matching the start of „Five Came Back“ at the 31. March online filters.

In conjunction with the launch of Five Came Back, Netflix will also present 13 documentaries discussed in the series, including Ford’s The Battle of Midway, Wyler’s The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress, Huston’s Report from the Aleutians, Capra’s The Battle of Russia, Stevens’ Nazi Concentration Camps, and Stuart Heisler’s The Negro Soldier.