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Fender Bender from Scream Factory celebrates 3. June Chiller Premiere and available here to Trailer the teen-slasher. In the production, a unit 17 year-old girl from a small town in Panic, as she gets wrapped up shortly after passing their driving test in a car accident and a small fender bender wreaks. In desperation, the owner of the other car can learn everything about them, although it is the stranger at first scary. A feeling, which should be confirmed very soon. Because when it is visited on the same evening at home by her friends, suddenly is also the stranger at her door, of itself as merciless, has turned out cruel serial killer and it now except for the girl as well as her friends. Directed by Fender Bender Mark Pavia (Stephen King’s The Night Flier), while Makenzie Vega (Good Wife), Dre Davis (Pretty Little Liars), Cassidy Freeman (Smallville) and Bill Sage (American Psycho) make her acting talent.

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