Many fans of the TV series „The Walking Dead“ expect already awaited the launch of spin-off / companion series „Fear the Walking Dead“. Currently still running shooting, which for a long time ago „The Walking Dead“ will play and follow the other a completely independent storyline and therefore not based on the comics by Robert Kirkman. Venue of „Fear the Walking Dead“ the Californian city of Los Angeles. How does this completely different Climate and the changed conditions affect the character and wherein the greatest difference to Mother series „The Walking Dead“ is, here in the crypt, we shed some light into the darkness, show you some photos and the first teaser, which Madison's son Nick is in danger!

Fear the Walking Dead

But why actually this rather uncreative acting title for the Spin-Off? The objective of this Title either, to shift the focus back to the amplified Walker – and could have come quite worse, so we explained this as follows Robert Kirkman: „I mean, you would probably not, that we ‚The Walking Dead : Los Angeles‘ call, or? That would be too easy, too obvious. And it would be absolutely wrong idea regarding the, what we really want to do.“ Actually it should indeed go in FTWD his opinion primarily to the Walker, while the parent series „The Walking Dead“ always more on the (intermediate)human conflicts concentrate. „For me, this title means a lot“, so Kirkman. „He takes us back to a time, than ‚walking dead‘ were much more dangerous and rather constitute a daily threat.“ The focus in the accompanying series seems quite logical, because the survivors finally the beginning of the apocalypse probably hardly knew, how to deal with the walkers let alone, the threat posed this.

Fear the Walking Dead

But what we can in „Fear The Walking Dead erwarten? What makes this new series differs from concrete TWD? The Walker will look in FTWD significantly different from the parent series, Make-up specialist Greg Nicotero to: „I think, that's kind of part of the plan. ‚Fear the Walking Dead‘ will take place yes, before our series starts at all. One of the key things, with whom we will play in this show, will be the environment and how this affects the Walker. In Georgia it's quite humid and muggy, Therefore, we consider that even with the walkers. In Los Angeles, in turn, there is a much drier climate, therefore we had there already talking about, how this will probably affect the appearance of Walker.“ But not only the appearance of Walker will differ from the main series, so the focus is quite different: „In a spin-off is really about the family“, said Greg Nicotero. „In ‚The Walking Dead‘ yes we meet on these people, which are all somehow already such a ragtag group of survivors. They have on their way for many people Lost - But they have found each other. The greatest difference in ‚Fear the Walking Dead‘ is, that we are at the beginning of the move with families here. This is of course an important aspect of emotional, particularly, when it comes, your own children to keep in mind, to protect these.


The main characters are in FTWD Cliff Curtis in the role of the teacher Sean Cabrera, Kim Dickens als Vertrauenslehrerin Nancy Tompkins, Frank Dillane als Nancys Sohn Nick Tompkins, Alycia Debnam Carey als Nancys Tochter Ashley Tompkins. Elizabeth also Rodriguez and Mercedes Masohn are with this and according to the initial information about the spin-off, there is at least one central female role, which is as yet unfilled: The Andrea, the ex-wife of Sean Cabrera, which is likely to be well played by one of the two. „In essence, it is a story about Travis and Madison, the two teachers, have children from previous marriages and are very much in love“, so Kirkman. „They love and respect each other. They are a happy couple, which is something, the nowadays not often seen on cable television.“ Instead of focusing on love triangles, overthrow distinctions or jealousy dramas, Kirkman will tell the story of a couple, holds together, as the world through the Zombie-Apocalypse falters. Sounds at least after all, as we would not worry about, that it in „Fear the Walking Dead“ is a similar Rick / Lori / Shane drama. Jealousy story was then criticized by many fans, who had a greater interest in the Apocalypse, instead of a love triangle. This error seems to be at „Fear the Walking Dead“ no longer make.


Time considered starts „Fear the Walking Dead“ much earlier than the parent series, namely the very beginning of the spread of the virus – a time, in „The Walking Dead“ was completely left out by Ricks coma. As showrunner Dave Erickson recently stated in an interview with TVLine, are therefore clear Rules been set up to co-existence of the two series, where the whole team take care on, that it in „Fear the Walking Dead“ I'm not about to logic errors or misunderstandings with regard to the parent series. To what extent the new series but can also help in understanding the original story, which now betrayed TWD guru Robert Kirkman:

everything, was in ‚Fear the Walking Dead‘ passiert, plays in the same universe as ‚The Walking Dead‘. That is, that each rule, we find out, and all, what we will see in these first days, definitely something will be, which occurred in the past, the other series. The two series are so closely intertwined in this shared world together, even if the series characters will interact with each other is not necessarily due to the geographical distance. So that's why everything is, what do you in ‚Fear the Walking Dead‘ see'll, the mythology of ‚The Walking Dead‘ fit and vice versa. Here you will see, how the characters will learn, that all of them were infected in very different ways. But the rules are always valid and they always remain the same. This will be one of the cool things, If you look at both series.


In the first Sneak Peek from 1. Episode of the first season of „Fear the Walking Dead“ we see Madison's son Nick (played by Frank Dillane), apparently full PANIC running away from anything. Is this perhaps already a Walker or whatever the Zombies are called in FTWD? Then would the but compared to our undead friends „The Walking Dead“ be quite fixed on the legs… Or he got here about someone, of any in that abandoned house dubious machinations pursued? All in all, we seem, according to this clip so probably the same in the very first episode in Fear plunge and uncertainty, which will accompany the main characters of this series in the first time. Fans of the undead but must be something else in Patience to practice, because until the start of „Fear the Walking Dead“ Squadron 1 In August 2015 it takes a while…