Knapp will start in a month finally 2. Squadron „Fear the Walking Dead“ on AMC. What new dangers await the survivors, betrayed the Official Teaser-TRAILER and a new Poster.

"Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2: Teaser Trailer and Poster

As us the first season of „Fear the Walking Dead“ with result 6 back left, had it the main characters just managed so, to escape from Los Angeles out to the coast. There they were from that mysterious man named Victor added beach in the Villa, had from where you stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and beach luxury yacht. How Serienkreator Robert Kirkman announced early, to be the survivors in the coming 2. Season of „Fear the Walking Dead“ save in fact out to the water – but whether this is such a clever idea? When we look at as the new teaser trailer for upcoming episodes so, seem the dangers out at sea not just to be less. And even the Walker seem – as well as always – adapt to the wet conditions.

"Fear the Walking Dead" Squadron 2: Teaser Trailer and Poster

So it is the motto of the official poster quite well: „No safe harbor“ – and thus possibly also no respite for our blended family in their daily struggle for survival. Showrunner Dave Erickson announced already at, that the flight will probably also not necessarily be the smartest choice for our troops sea, because so are Madison, Travis, Alicia, Nick & Co. While on Strands luxurious yacht initially well supplied, but call this circumstance, of course, numerous envious on the plan. As we can see in the teaser trailer already, Many other survivors are namely get the idea, addition to Tarshish – However, this in large groups on smaller dinghies, why the sight of the giant yacht will surely arouse diverse needs. How will our survivors deal with it?

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The second season of „Fear the Walking Dead“ comprises a total of 15 Follow, which are broadcast in two blocks: The launch of the first seven episodes on Sunday, the 10. April 2016, auf AMC und einen Tag später wie immer auch wieder auf Amazon Prime Instant Video. Thus FTWD starts one week after the season finale of „The Walking Dead“ Squadron 6, which allows us to immerse several months at the TWD universe without interruption. When the second block with the consequences 8-15 Starts, is not yet known to date, However, it is likely to look at the start of „The Walking Dead“ Squadron 7 be well again in the autumn in July / August as far.