A foretaste of the first episode of „Fear the Walking Dead“ there with the following first three minutes of the new Zombie-Series and we also see the first biter!

„Fear the Walking Dead“ startet mit Nick Clark (Frank Dillane), the son of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), waking from a drugged. It is located in an abandoned church, in which he has retired with his friends, to indulge in the dangerous vices. While Nick is slow growing, he noticed, that he is alone and all trace of his girlfriend Gloria missing. Still a bit dazed, he sets out to search for her. that something is wrong, falls on him only, when he discovered blood and the first corpses. Finally, he also sees Gloria and wants to flee with her - until he realizes, that it is to the dead in the church debt! Gloria is a zombie and has become the first victim chosen!

The next scene, there is not true in the sneak peek, but we know already from the trailer: Shock grabs Nick escape and storms out of the church, to save his life. He pays no attention to the Intercourse and is recognized in the street by a carriage. Nick is taken to a hospital and declared his mother and his step-father Travis there (Cliff Curtis) die Situation. But if you really believe the Junkie? That could change after further incidents in Los Angeles.

„Fear the Walking Dead“ starts on 23. August 2015 In U.S.&A. In Germany, zombie fans 24 Hours later on Amazon Instant Prime Video the possibility, to see the first episode…

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