Morning Monday runs with us the second sequence of „Fear the Walking Dead“ and for those of you, can not wait for the, found here a small preview of the upcoming episode!

Last week celebrated the accompanying series to „The Walking Dead“ Premiere and this was a great success and the enthusiasm of the fans was great. In Folge 1 we had the opportunity, Maddy and get to know her a little broken family. Nick, the drug-addicted son of Madison, which is compared by many female fans optically with the young Johnny Depp, had the dubious honor, to come as one of the first in contact with the undead, making him totally traumatized. Was it the Drugs? Will he crazy? The poor man is completely by the wind… But stepfather Travis goes the matter to the bottom, and together with Maddy, he discovers at the end of the episode Calvin undead. In Folge 2 „So close yet so far“ it is now really about: Electricity and mobile phone network fall out, Police and military have their hard work and Chris, Liza and son Travis, goes Lost.

Maddy and Tobias in Action! The two are in school and push a cart through the area, on which are apparently some food cans. In the background we hear an alarm and the pair are in a hurry. Whether someone is behind them? Are they slumped about in school? As we can see at the end, the two are not alone: The director, we already resulted 1 to have met, creeps also through the building. However, he does not listen to Madison's call and it looks like, as he was stretchered back…

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