Actually, would the new episodes to us "“Fear The Walking Dead“ rather, but there is unfortunately only in early summer 2016 Season with 2 more. But there is news from the Mini Series „Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462“: Now is „Patient Zero“ clearly!

Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 - Episode 7 & 8

Once in the past, we both Follow 5 and 6 Witness were, how Marcus imprisoned in the aircraft toilet and the door no longer opened, we already had such a presumption, why he no longer came out because. As the stewardess it still managed, to open the door, tumbled out an unconscious man. The Asian, as well as us fans, was probably immediately clear, that can not be good. The chance, that he is infected, are relatively high. But even outside, on the ground, sees it not just better: From the window observed Drake, that little by little all the lights in Phoenix, Arizona, go out. That can mean almost nothing good! If the aircraft can land at all? Fortunately, meanwhile episode 7 and 8 from „Flight 462“ been published, show us now, whether we were right with our presumption…

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The stewardess is just to try it, Marcus revive, runs as an important announcement of the pilot: He tells the passengers with, that they can not end up in Phoenix at the time – there was there apparently a widespread power outage, so it was impossible, To land the aircraft, because the runways are not visible. So the aircraft maneuver LAX (Los Angeles Airport) an. Marcus‘ Woman gets then a panic attack… The Asian mixes meanwhile again a, and asks, whether one could feel for a pulse – denies the man from the back row. Shortly thereafter, he have to get to Marcus‘ Worry woman, the more hindered than promotes the work. The flight attendant pulls out the defibrillator and makes fresh to work, but the Asian intervenes: She has discovered a breach in the abdominal area of ​​Marcus and denuded these. The white die-hard fan TWD, what kind of a wound: This man was clearly bitten! We still see the shocked faces, but really impress let alone curb can obviously nobody…

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…because the flight attendant makes merrily with her attempt at resuscitation. The Asian understood as only the seriousness of the situation and asks the stewardess, quit, but it is only offended and shortly afterwards by the man, the earlier already Marcus‘ Took Ms. aside, moved away. „They do not understand! It is dangerous!“, she tried to tell him with a serious tone. But the man does not want to listen to her and sends her and all the other passengers back to their seats. Meanwhile, the revival of the stewardess action is in full swing and the second electric shock Marcus strikes the eye. But he owes his, erm, Life does not work stewardess, but the virus, as murky us his, reveal bloodshot eyes. Well, So probably remains only the question, who will attack the newly born Walker first! Will the passengers to help wissen, or must save the day, the Asian? And is knitting Omi also get their big show?