Slowly but surely it seems at „Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462“ to be exciting. Now Confirmed the suspicions about the identity of the mysterious patient? Here for you the Episode 4!

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 - Episode 4

In „Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462“ will Zombie-considered Apocalypse times from a different angle – namely from the air! So we find ourselves on Flight No.. 462 on the way to Phoenix in Arizona, where we meet passengers as the young Drake, must fly alone as a result of overbooking, remained while his mother at the airport. Also striking were previously the Boy Asian from the front row, the white seemingly more, as she admits, the knitting elderly lady next to Drake, the stewardess and especially the couple in the row next to the Asian, in which the man herumpolterte initially completely panicked, after he had heard of flight cancellations, until he eventually only with his bag „spoke“. To make all of these gentlemen again before eye, is important, especially since we have a / n of them in the upcoming second season of „Fear the Walking Dead“ will meet again!

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 - Episode 4

After the blustering gentlemen, we in a row 2 already could watch the spitting, the suspicion seems well over hardens, that it is well with him very likely to the mysterious „Patient Zero“ These! So the gastric troubles our protagonist seems not seem to get better and then the guy paves among the frightened eyes of the other passengers decided his way through aircraft, to reach as quickly as possible to the toilet. The young Asian observed him doing exactly – and in the subsequent discussion we learn, Why! „He has heartburn“, says the wife initially abwiegelnd, Before the young Asian woman asks her directly: „How long is her husband already sick?“ Then answered the always yet unstirred Wife: „My husband is not ill! I told you, that's just be heartburn. His whole family…“ But they can hardly pronounce, because the young woman answered her already with serious look: „That seems to be no indigestion me…“ – „Are you a doctor?“, replied her wife then slightly condescending, whereupon the young Asian woman replied nothing, why they shoot past: „Then take care of their own Sch…“


It gets really interesting then, when the young woman gazes silently Drake. this, after he first threw a searching look toward toilets, she asks finally with slightly worried expression: „Believe, is this flu, which is just floating around?“ Instead of an answer he receives only a slight twitch of her mouth angle ensure full, but the answer is clear… Well, since we seem to be in the fourth of a total of 16 Episodes yes „Finally“ to be confronted with concrete facts times! Now it remains naturally exciting, whether or. when and especially how our „Patient“ comes back from the toilet… If the plane still be in the air? And who will be the first victim? About his own wife? Or the stewardess? For this purpose, we learn in the upcoming episode hopefully more!