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Here the third part of the mini-series „Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462“, what the topic „Zombie-VIRUS“ considered in more detail in an airplane, being one of those passengers will also be featured in the second season of FTWD. As usual also part 3 start there, where the previous part ended.

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 - Episode 3

The flight attendant serving drinks to passengers, where a woman appears to be particularly nervous and ordered a vodka on ice. Drake again, who had previously made so many worries about his mother, now explained Knitting lady beside him, how it ever came about, he sits alone on the plane. So he stands with his mother on a waitlist, but then had only one seat available on the plane become, his mother immediately left him. „It will take the next plane“, he explains, but not quite as convinced, where he still adds, that they to Phoenix (in Arizona) were on their way, where his father had recently only found a job and there are now established and will wait at the airport on him and his mother.

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 - Episode 3

While he said all that his seatmate, the camera pans to the young Asian woman, sitting in the row in front of him. She has a rather grim expression, but says nothing. Does she perhaps, what's going on at the airport? Had she snatched the seat, which was actually intended for Drakes mother? Or is it simply a particularly moody passenger? Finally, she had quite abruptly, the flap of Drakes window without another Comment pulled down. What has the Boy Asian conceal well?

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Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462: Part 3