While with episode 6 The finale of the first season of „Fear The Walking Dead * is again a few weeks behind us, we can look forward to more exciting news: Here finally the second episode of the new mini-series „Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462“.If her 1. Part no longer have so fully present, Watch it here love to return to – only around 85 Seconds Time is worth the short trip, because now released second episode closes exactly at, where part 1 ceased. Here is the latest episode, in which we get to possibly already see the first infected…

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 - Episode 2

So you're back up to date, was Justin-Verschnitt Drake, As for the mysterious Asian and rowdy passenger from one of the back rows? Good, then it is now so the second episode, which unfortunately only 49 Seconds (these lives are the following 14 Have episodes about) and is also significantly poorer than the event Premiere. And yet: You can feel, as the tension rises in passengers. So yes, we learned in part 1, that some flights have already been canceled, what is so obviously rather less reassuring impact on passengers of this flight to the general mood. Während das Flugzeug also noch nicht einmal den Boden verlassen hat, the rowdy guy to have to vomit already in his bag. Is it the excitement? Or have we already about the first „Patients“ in front of us?

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 - Episode 2

as we Knowledge, is indeed one of the passengers have been infected and the other passengers on the remaining flight Fear worry and terror. But wait times, whether „honey“ is not perhaps calm again soon. As for the other protagonists, then Drake seems now always have to worry about his mother. it seems, remained back at the airport and must now wait for the next flight, which I hope will also get a start permission. The screams in the background, we in Episode 1 could hear, were however already not bode well, why it almost seems, as if the plane, where Drake sits currently, safer than the airport itself. his PANIC rises visibly, when he his mother sms writes, to which it initially is no longer responding, and then at some point no longer sent. Is it because, that his flyer is now in start mode? Or is his mother's cell phone is no longer accessible?


Which in turn Boy Asian concerns, so change Drake and again a brief look through the gaps between the backrest – saw the two previously or where this interest? But the elderly lady next to Drake falls on again: She spoke in part 1 still a desperate prayer and sat down there and knits! Who among you has ever seen knitting please someone in an airplane?! Strange… but the knitting needles are determined to do even their service!