The finale of the first season of „Fear the Walking Dead“ now is already a moment behind us and many fans wondering, as it then continues with this series. A small foretaste 2. Season provides AMC with the new mini-series „Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462“, which we imagine here.

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 - Episode 1

The concrete start date of the new episodes of „Fear the Walking Dead“ not yet is fixed, However, we can at planned 15 Socializing episodes thereof, that sometime in early summer 2016, ie during the summer break between Season 6 and 7 Of „The Walking Dead“ will be far. To make us wait more bearable and the commercial breaks of the US broadcast of The Walking Dead Season 6 to finally fill with something meaningful, had the producers of TWD the brilliant idea, to design a mini-series, one particularly crass Zombie-will illuminate situation closer.

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 - Episode 1

Handlungsort is in this case an ordinary passenger aircraft, where an infected passenger is discovered, whereby so to speak „Infection from the sky“ to be discussed. As we saw in part 1 see this new mini-series, launches of flight 462 equal even under rather bad sign. Reports of gecancelte flights unsettle some passengers, a woman appears to more Knowledge, as it purports, During the Boy Drake hears on the phone with his mother at once mysterious screams in the background. Then, when even get up a young Asian woman by the front seat and suspicious zombie moderate dangling her arm leaves, Drake is probably certainly not the only, the short holding his breath here times!


To what extent the passengers of Flight 462 know about the epidemic communication, not clear, but interpret the gecancelten flights out, that the zombie apocalypse here already has its first impact on people's daily lives. What is certain is that one in a minute lasting episodes should take good care, because one of these passengers, we will also in the second season of „Fear the Walking Dead“ meet again. Perhaps the Justin Bieber-waste Drake? Perhaps the young Asian woman? who knows, in any event, the passengers appear before the start of their flight shortly 5 Morning not just to be relaxed clock… So friends, strapped to you and stay tuned on Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 Episode 1 and their continuation, which will be shown in the US commercial break of the coming season TWD and then to see here again.