Currently makes the third season of „Fear the Walking Dead“ summer break. What's next in the new episodes of the third season from September, shows the following TRAILER.

In the second half of the 3. Season is Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) fighting for the safety of their family, but of course with new, provided greater challenges. The focus of the second half of the third season of FTWD the events revolve around the difficult peace pact, to the Clarks and the Ottos have signed with the Red Hat Nation. Former foes now have to find a way, to survive together. On the Broke Jaw-Ranch the voltages rise, because the militia is decimated, the Verräte become scarcer and the dead back to.

The Gonzalez dam in the South is an important and valuable place and a source of life, with its water supply. Victor Strand (Colman Sunday) has reached his personal low point and needs a Partner, the only remaining currency to use for themselves. Because he wants to be somebody again, setting the tone. Daniel (Ruben Blades) has once again become el soldado and places itself at the service of Lola. The hope, his daughter Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) to find but he has still not given up.

On AMC in the US&A is the ninth episode on 10. September 2017, with us it lands then a day later, also am 11. September on the streaming platform Amazon Prime. Although the fourth season has already been announced, nevertheless make some worry, if the odds still justify a sequel. It will be interesting, but if arrive the next eight episodes more viewers…