Four years ago, since the last time moviegoers could plunge into the fantastic world of Harry Potter. The first TRAILER Of „Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them“ leaves heart of magic- beat and fantasy fans again quickly. Denn J.K. Rowling, the spiritual mother of Harry Potter, is responsible for the screenplay. In addition to the script by J.K. Rowling is also another Potter specialist on board. David Yates, who directed also at the last four Harry Potter films, is also at „Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them“ behind the camera. Until the new masterpiece, however, in the cinema comes, it takes a little longer. Scheduled for release 18. November 2016 be.

The film takes place in New York of the 20's. A young wizards have escaped from a suitcase a few creatures. This must now recapture. Besides the history of the American Magical Community is also told. The magician fight against the New Salem Philanthropic Society, a sinister group, it has taken on the task, killing witches and wizards.