Robot suits are usually designed to, make stronger and faster around us. Genworth and Applied Minds take a different approach and want to arouse sympathy for the elderly. In the R70i exoskeleton therefore feels especially a: old.

When R70i is a full-body exoskeleton, simulates what many aging, including Seh- and hearing loss and limited movement possibilities. The R70i weighs just 20 Kilograms and has four motorized joint pairs of arms and legs. They complicate the support everyday movements. In order for the developer to simulate typical age weaknesses, for example, arthritis and muscular dystrophy. In order to age hearing and seeing, use Genworth and Applied Minds a helmet, home of an Oculus Rift VR goggles and headphones. Blurred vision, green and cataracts and other restrictions could CES attendees 2016 with the helmet as well „experience“ as a tinnitus. Digital Trends have the R70i at CES 2016 seen in action: