The new film by director Lucile Hadžihalilović seems challenging Horror-to be cinema. About the story is from the first Trailer not much clear, but visually the film seems to have something on it. In the UK, the film starts at 1. More 2016 in theaters. For the US&A is provided a start later this year. For our latitudes at the time is not yet known.

The ten-year Nicolas (Max Brebant) lives with his mother in a small village in a remote coastal community. There live however, only Women and boys at his age - of older men is no trace to be found. In a hospital on the stormy ocean, the boys need to regularly indulge in the medical treatment. Is there a treatment or are there Experiments, perform the doctors with them, Nicolas asks. become suspicious of the situation around him, he wants to find answers and follows in a Night the women, go to the beach. There he discovered something, what a Nightmare like. Can escape Nicolas?

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EVOLUTION - Official UK Trailer - In Cinemas 6th May