Der französischsprachige, twisted but in Spain Mystery Movie „Evolution“, to the director Lucile Hadžihalilović (Innocence) putting it on paper and in the box, gets under the skin. Im Zentrum der Geschichte steht der zehnjährige Nicolas (Max Brebant), who lives in a secluded seaside village, the only of the same age boys and adult Women inhabited. When he discovered one day in the water a dead child with a red starfish on the belly, presents Nicolas its existence for the first time in question. What's up with the half-remembered images to be, The shoot him in the head, als kämen sie aus einem anderen Leben? If the woman, where he lives, really his mother? Unless, who is she? And what will the boys, as they are brought all at once in a hospital? the TRAILER verspricht einen höchst stimmungsvollen, terrific photographed film, the, it seems, auch Ausflüge in den Bereich des Body-Horrors unternimmt. Während in den US&A with the 25. November 2016 is already established a theatrical release, this country is not yet in sight, whether or. wann der Streifen eine Veröffentlichung erfährt

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