In Jason William Lees Horrorfilm „The Evil in Us“ takes a group of young Americans accidentally a drug, which turns them into bloodthirsty cannibals. the TRAILER looks but quite funny and the plot promises a lot of blood and action:

To celebrate the American Independence Day Six Fraunde meet on a small island on the coast of Washington. What begins as an innocent party weekend, quickly turns into a deadly nightmare. A putative party drug turns out to be bioactive Gift, which was smuggled by a sadistic terrorist organization on the market. All, who took the fake cocaine, fall into a psychotic rage and transformed into murderous cannibals. the only, which is not affected, is Brie (Debs Howard), the need to flee from their own friends and fight against her fiance for their lives suddenly. Their only hope is a young policeman (Jerome Velinsky), which is the terrorists for some time on the track.