I Love The series „Ash vs. Evil Dead“, but as a movie with the comeback of Bruce Campbell's title character would be cool too. According to Gizmodo may I just look forward to something! In the context of San Diego Comic Con betrayed Rob Tapert, executive producer of the original movie trilogy, that Evil Dead 4 could well happen: „The matter is still on the table. We just think about it, how the film might look like and whom he would meet. Sam Raimi spoke of many years and teaserte Evil Dead 4 always back to. But then suddenly his ideas the TV series. Both Bruce Campbell and yours truly are however convinced, that we still have plenty of air for a feature film. Therefore, it might actually be a“, so Tapert to the fans in attendance at the official panel to Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Who has not, incidentally, waited in vain for the German dubbed version of the series, will soon get his money: The first season is currently being examined by the FSK and will soon be available on Amazon Prime. While waiting for Evil Dead 4 is reopened, you can to concrete information after all, already engaged in the bloody and absolutely loopy TV series.

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