Today we deal with untranslatable words in European languages. Europe is not dead has For us provided a map with one untranslatable word and its declaration, together, which we follow you only show part, The whole Overview can be found here

Europe untranslatable words

Berezina - "This is the Berezina ! » expresses more than a serious failure, a walloping. It comes from the battle of Bérézina in 1812 in actual Byelorussia Between the French Army of Napoléon and the Russian Army of Koutousov during which many French soldiers died while trying to cross the cold river Berezina.

Jaksaa – This verb can be used in many situations to express the lack of energy to do something. If someone asks another one if he wants to go out tonight, the other may answer “I don’t think I jaksaa”.

Schadenfreude – This may be one of the funniest words of this list. it (unfortunately) designates the feeling of Pleasure derived by seeing another’s misfortune. In the animated sitcom The Simpsons, Nelson embodies this word when he continuously Laughs at everyone misfortune.

S’encoubler – This verb only used in the French-speaking part of Switzerland describes the situation of loosing Balance or even falling, Because of being tangled into something, such as a cable.