For at least ten years already has a duck nest in the courtyard of the Glover Elementary School in Milton, Massachusetts. If mother duck walking with her cubs on the move, sehen die Schüler neugierig zu und sind gespannt zu sehen, whether it is time, die Kücken ans Wasser zu führen. Because that is, sie müssen das Gebäude passieren um ausserhalb des Geländes ans Wasser zu kommen. This year was put the whole thing on video:

More than 500 students sat cross-legged in the hallway and on the playground for the annual duck walk. Many of their faces lit up when the Mother and her 10 newly hatched ducklings waddled by. The entire episode was documented on Video.

Principal Sheila Kukstis said in an interview that the walk is a tradition for the elder duck, as well.

“The mother knows where she’s going Because she’s done it before,” she said.