He was a troublemaker, never stay away from the Drugs could be. The former frontman of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, Scott Weiland, is at the age of 48 Years died. Apparently, Weiland was found dead with his current band on the tour bus shortly before a performance. The cause is so far unsettled.

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Scott Weiland? Stone Temple Pilots? Velvet Revolver? Who or what is the will ask many. In the late eighties, the band was „Stone Temple Pilots“ Founded in San Diego and famous right they were in the grunge heyday in the first half of the nineties. For their biggest hit „Plush“ they got 1994 even the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. Her first two albums „Core“ and „Purple“ were chosen for their sales success in the US&A multiple-platinum. After the Stone Temple Pilots 2002 had dissolved, Weiland joined the band Velvet Revolver, the also former members of Guns N 'Roses belonged. Six years later the band split from the singer, which they have „increasingly erratic behavior on stage“ accused. Ended a comeback with the Stone Temple Pilots 2013 again with a separation.

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Velvet Revolver - Slither

With a current band „Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts“ he was in the State of Minnesota on the road tour, hiess es. Apparently, Weiland was found dead shortly before an appearance on the tour bus. Manager Tom Vitorino confirmed the CNN Weilands death, without providing practical details. The cause of death is initially unknown. Weiland had repeatedly provided with drug excesses headlines and sat for drug possession and for drunk driving in prison. I'm sure, it will not take long, until it is, that he was close again to below the hair roots. He stands in a certain tradition with the likes of Lane Staley and consorts, all died much too soon.

Scott Weiland was a charismatic, gifted singer, what was going on in him could probably guess none. Weiland was a broken genius, that broke his demons. Too bad for his wife and two kids, Too bad for Scott and particularly Schade for us all: A genius is dead. People, the other through their artistic ability people can enrich, deserve respect. So I do have some more respect for people, take drugs, as front man, are their vanity and lust of power in the foreground of their thinking. R.I.P. Scott, Rest in peace!

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Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (Video)