A generation mourns Prince

Yesterday we received the well überraschende wie traurige Nachricht, that Prince with just 57 Years is deceased. In addition to his Music wird uns vor allem seine Wandlungsfähigkeit in Erinnerung bleiben. Nicht nur änderte Prince im Laufe seiner fast 40 Jahre andauernden Karriere sieben Mal seinen Namen – unter anderem in ein unaussprechliches Symbol – er wandelte sich auch äusserlich unzählige Male, was Illustrator Gary Card has implemented graphically. Yesterday died not only a great musician, but also a style icon.

Prince’s Hair Styles from 1978 to 2013

With his songs and performances grandiose Prince created a world, the geeks were sexy and strong and did not have to shave by the opinion. Prince stand für eine Welt, die schrill war – und mysteriös. Anzüglich – und anziehend. Verboten – und verehrt. Prince implored a world, in der Einzelgänger sexy waren und stark und Schlaghosen anziehen konnten, Without caring about the opinions of others. Even from a menu made Prince a song and this Muppet on the show:

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And so also sang thousands of fans „Purple Rain“ in downtown Minneapolis:

Farewell, small Prince… Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today. To get through this thing called life!

Farewell, small Prince