No Smartphone can, what the LG K7i can, because it can drive away with sounds in the ultrasonic range mosquitoes. The rest of the equipment of the smart phone fly swatter would have certainly heavy on the local market. a 5 Inch large display 720p, A 1,1 GHz faster quad-core chip, 2 GB RAM and cameras 8 and 5 Megapixels are not exactly the cream of the crop. After all, there at the back of LG K7i a fingerprint sensor for convenient unlock your smartphone.

The pesky pests wants the smartphone to another, hopefully not drive out annoying hum. At the rear, the LG has a speaker K7i, the sounds in the ultrasonic range emits, used to banish mosquitoes from nearby smartphones. of course, the whole thing sounds only once after April Fool, but has a first background. There are numerous tropical and subtropical areas, where mosquitoes can transmit dangerous diseases, Last but not least Malaria. As a smart phone like the LG could well be a help K7i – if the ultrasonic speaker is actually more than a marketing gimmick.