a plan, us to rule all and only you and I can thwart him! Hidden from the public eye working corporate lobbyists – or, as in Video illustrated perfectly, the dark forces – because, to bring our democratic decisions about case. The trade agreements TiSA, TTIP and CETA threatens our environmental standards. They are an attack on our democracy and the consequences would be felt in almost all areas of our lives. From agriculture (Genprodukte) up to the financial, from public service to climate protection.

Greenpeace has already made earlier in the year for orderly bustle, as they under the hashtag #ttipleak published the secret documents and since one can actually be poorly, when you read the contents. The documents are available on the Page of Greenpeace linked. Clear sounds a tariff dismantling first cool, but so can also freely and cheap „unclean“ Products quickly end up in our trade and I find not so cool. Personally, I absolutely just an example take up no interest in gene. But the US&A want the high environmental- reduce and consumer standards in Europe and pry the precautionary principle.

The planned free trade agreement with the US&A and Canada are attacking not only our democracy, environmental and social standards remain completely and deliberately on the track. Since it can be said succinctly „I do not care“, but it's time, to fight back! The following video, held manner in good Lord of the Rings, Greenpeace shows us visually the dangers and consequences of TTIP and CETA agreement. It is definitely time, to fight back! Because if we are not now against TiSA, TTIP, defend CETA and other dangerous FTA, goes the green era to end, even before it has begun. Friends, also you should sign the petition – it only takes a few seconds and is good for our future!