Besides all that illegal stuff like Drugs, Weapons, usw. serves darknet among others, in some countries, political activists and dissidents to, to circumvent the state's own censorship or simply to work anonymously. itself Wikileaks uses the darknet, to whistleblowers to guarantee anonymity. Or to put it differently, and are to study at King's College London 37% the darknet not illegal. Safe, not specify a number to what extent you something like that Internet can fully investigate, was also undecided times - but it shows, that up everything can not be seen in black and white. But how to get into the darknet?

Everybody is afraid of front darknet, nobody sees the opportunities. the Boy Startup EasyBlackWeb specializes in professional performances in darknet and also brings your business idea into the new Web of miracles. Which darknet deal is pending? The original proposal wins a "Foodroga" voucher worth 100 Euro.