Until April 2016 place in Mannheim in a stella enter imperious Museum exhibition „Duck-O-Menta“ instead of, about the history of the world with entastischen ideas and a pretty entelligenten implementation:

The exhibition invites you to a fun entertaining journey into a parallel universe, a, which is populated by ducks. There are a surprising reunion with world famous discoveries of archeology and works of Art- and cultural history - all with a wink reinterpreted with duckbill.
More than 300 Exhibits show ancient archaeological evidence such as long-tailed ducks mummy Dötzi, world famous paintings like the Mona Lisa and modern classics in an unusual way. Behind the amusing reinterpretation of world history is the Berlin-based artist group interDuck.

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Die DUCKOMENTA - Weltgeschichte neu ENTdeckt (Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim - to 24. April 2016)