In a post-apocalyptic world, the brothers must Miles (Aria Emory) and Dominic Pierce (Drew Harwood) struggling to survive. While through barren landscapes Travel and breaking the inventories, go not exactly squeamish with those around, who have the misfortune to meet them. Cold-blooded murders are in any case for it on the agenda. But is shot as Miles someday, stranded the two manner looking for refuge in a small town, where they make the acquaintance with the very strange inhabitants quickly. As it turned out to, is the town of a Horde inhabited sick cannibals, die von dem hundsgemeinen Doyle (James McCabe) led - and receiving the new visitor in his own way. A brutal battle of life and death starts and the output is still entirely uncertain… Start date is 31. March 2017 directly to DVD and Blu-ray.