It is nice, to have someone, one sings to sleep. Doch wenn der Sänger Freddy Krueger selbst ist, you're probably better off, to stay awake or risk, never wake up. Also in puppet form sees the disfigured face of Freddy from frightening, even if its performance „Dream A Little Dream Of Me“ mehr als nur überzeugt. could it be, dass Freddy gar nicht so ein schlechter Kerl ist und die Kids in den Filmen nur Albträume hatten, because they have eaten too much junk food before going to bed?

Do you know really Glove and Boots? That's a pretty nice Youtube Channel, auf dem Puppen Dinge erklären und Unsinn machen. Because you really should new items, because there's really one or the other pearl here. Like this one for example…

Dream a Little Dream ft. Freddy Krueger