Dravens Radio from the Crypt: Christmas SpecialFriends, not keen on all the Christmas stuff? mulled wine, Candlelight, Tannengrün, really great coupons and incredible deals, cheap lights, overcrowded shops, wrong white beards and played a good mood? It ranges!!! That is why we are presenting today the favorite channels from the Grinch and the sonorous alternative for all people, which already have enough of the whole Christmas Circus and prefer to think of other things.

Simply the Christmas rush and forget the Santa Claus escape with just one click. We can not even get enough of this red types in unusual outfit. Only is not in Santa Claus, but the devil meant. One distributes gifts, the other collects souls. We have the great classics for naughty listeners. Finally a radio, in which the pre-Christmas, can escape from the musical monotony! „DRC – Dravens Radio from the Crypt“ presents for Christmas for you a very special program on the house are stations with bands like Onkel Tom, Twisted Sister, AC/DC, Barbed Wire, Guns’n Roses, Eisenpimmel, DIO, L.A. Guns, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Billy Idol, Monster Magnet, Müllstation, The Ramones, Skid Row, Children of Bodom, Pretty Maids, Kuschelweich, Venom, King Diamond, Spinal Tap, Halford, Slade, The Red Roses, Johnny Cash and many, many more! A radio program on Christmas as befits the tomb belongs with plenty of Punk, Rock and of course a good pinch Metal! Just as it should be!

Dravens Radio from the Crypt: Christmas SpecialSo also here in the tomb comes a little Christmas spirit and you like us Wham's „Last Christmas“, 08/15-Go Jingle Bells and his associates on the bag, here our Christmas Special! „DRC – Dravens Radio from the Crypt“ can receive her with any Internet-enabled device. Also traveling with smartphones, Wi-Fi enabled MP3 Pla yern, Wi-Fi-kitchen-chen-ra-dios, or what else is out there now still there. The list of listening options you will find here. For you to choose really crack it now, click on one of the pictures in this article and let Popups this page or starts the player right in the sidebar. If Christmas makes you crazy, simply fieh in the most malignant Music, that exist on this planet! With us, the Grinch is true every year at the holidays, and that really sells even the smallest trace of reflection. Viel Spass Freunde and we wish you a Metal Christmas and a Headbanging New Year! hohoho!!!

Music program for Christmas: