the Dot Smartwatch received messages from your smartphone, allows easy navigation, has an alarm clock, is Fitness Tracker and displays the time. Thanks to mechanical Braille screen there with Dot now a smartwatch for the blind.

Wearables are known, for Grossßteil Content Display. Now want a smartwatch for the blind, the South Korean company Dot revolutionize the market. As the first PM combines the „Dot“ the world's most famous Braille with functions of a conventional watch: News, check tweets or text messages, Control via touch sensors or Bluetooth 4.1. A special feature of the watch is the tutorial for Braille, it the visually impaired, who can not read, allows, to learn the writing independently. According to statistics of the company have so far only 5 Percent of the blind able, to read Braille. Enormous costs for equipment, who can use the font and a very small number of available texts are added complication.

The outer shape is reminiscent of a Fitness Tracker, while the display is drawn relatively long, to map as much information can. As must be operated with the battery no lighting or an energy-intensive display, is the battery life of ten hours is relatively high. Mind you, making it the representation of texts meant, not the replacement date in passive mode. These are the manufacturers do not market. The speed, in which the pins protrude beyond the surface and disappear, can be set. Dot can also play e-books and lends itself so as relatively favorable reader. The watch is available with iOS- as well as with Android-Devices compatible - to enjoy the full scope of functions, is a link to a mobile device requires. The SmartWatch is 300 US dollar costs - in comparison to other devices, the at 2000 are US Dollars, is the comparatively low. When the clock reaches the market, is still unclear, later this year preorders to be adopted