Trash-Filmer Mike Mendez leaves Dolph Lundgren occur as demon hunter. Although good drama is different and you realize the movie, he was turned down in just three weeks time, but you can tell the parties the fun of this movie. Lundgren plays wooden, but has clearly enjoyed his genre role as Crocodile Dundee in Demon Hunter Version. The violence remind selectively to „Evil Dead“ or „Braindead“ and fly a ton of body parts around the ears. Toller Fun-Splatter!

Series of murders in a small town in Mississippi, the victims have something troubling in common: All victims were the perpetrators of the previous murder. 9 Dead in a week for the Sheriff the middle of nowhere a bit much and investigate as FBI agent Evelyn Pierce the bloody incidents should, dive Dämonenjäger Jebediah Woodley (Dolph Lundgren) on. And that explains the extreme Christian, but in demons questions yet extremely unbelieving community, what da haunts grade: An ancient demon, the grips of people owning and jumps from body to body.