Ouija I find interesting, and related explanations of ideomotor or. psychomotor laws such as e.g.. the Carpenter effect, So that seeing a particular movement or thinking about a move may trigger a tendency to perform exactly this movement. This principle lies behind many paranormal means of communication such as commuting, the Ouija Board including. Planchette and and and… Whoever does not believe it should even try his eyes connect and then try again to communicate with the dead. Strangely, the then usually much worse. As much as an introduction, So now to the brief documentation of Ronni Thomas with the beautiful title „Ghosts And Gadgets: Communicating with the Spirits“. Incidentally visited Thomas in the Doku Brandon Hodges Collection precisely such gadgets, he also on the website The Mysterious Planchette presents.

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Ghosts And Gadgets : Communicating with the Spirits