BatKid Begins - Poster

Der kleine Miles erkrankte einst an Leukämie und wünschte sich nichts sehnlicher, As Batman to be. This wish then had him „Make A Wish Foundation“ versucht zu erfüllen, by bringing together drummed the villains from the Batman universe and a few fictitious crimes, to let them then defeat by Miles. Allerdings nahm das im Laufe der Planung so grosse Züge an, that all of San Francisco became Gotham City, everyone wanted to help somehow and attended the exploits of Batkids end even several thousand onlookers. Now Warner Bros has. it made a documentary and only the TRAILER is already doing so incredibly well! The film will be released on 26. June in a few cinemas, wird aber bestimmt auch zeitnah auf DVD veröffentlicht werden. So für die verregneten Tage, where one sometimes needs a little encouragement.

One child. One wish. Millions touched. Who would have thought a 5-year-old boy who fought leukemia would transform a city and a nation for a day? No One. Not his family. Not his friends. Not the thousands of volunteers who came from near and far to help make his wish come true. But it did.
Batkid Begins is a documentary that takes you back to November 15th, 2013, the day San Francisco turned into Gotham City, and the day the Internet was nice. More than a billion people took to social media to cheer on BatKid, even President Obama! In all, the #SfBatKid and #BatKid hashtags reached more than 1.84 Billion people on twitter and Instagram. This wish and this little caped crusader resonated with so many people, including us, and we wanted to find out why.