Although I personally do not put so deep in the bottom of Dagobah in this whole star wars-subculture – I found it always very nice and all have seen several times in several versions, but even I know, what everything was shit on the second trilogy. For example, the dialogues, the fart jokes, Jar Jar Binks and all the young Anakin. This and much else took the Youtuber JeremyMWest-Esquire as an opportunity, edit this crap from the movies out, um sie tatsächlich brauchbarer zu machen. Hier mal eine Liste mit den genauen Änderungen in „The Phantom Menace“:

Here’s a brief listing of the edits:
– Nemoidian and Gungan voices are re-vocalized with Alien dialect and subtitled.
– Journey to Gungan underwater city removed
– Jar Jar is now a useful character instead of an annoying tag-along
– Nemoidians are much more devious and less cowardly
– Childish Battle Droid dialog removed
Queen Amidala’s voice is pitch-shifted back to her normal pitch. (Still could not remove her horrible British accent)
– Naboo pilot Ric Olié’s endless plot exposition removed when appropriate
– Midichlorian references removed
– Anakin immaculate conception removed
– All fart and poop jokes removed
– Anakin is edited to be a more deliberate hero instead of an accidental one.
– Removed as many „Yippe!“ and „Whoa!“ and „Whee!“ exclamations as possible.
– Removed the two headed pod race announcer
– Shortened the podrace intro scene and tightened the Whole race for more tension
– Removed the entire sequence of trying to capture the Viceroy at the end.


Attack of the Cloneshat er sich natürlich auch vorgenommen und dafür sollten wir alle sehr, be grateful!