The transparent kitchen

The transparent cuisine MVRDV provides clarity during cooking and may contain up among others 30. September at the Architecture Biennale in Venice be assessed. All elements of the Infinity kitchen of the shelves, over the sink, up to the worktop are transparent and thus guarantee a comprehensive insight into the interior. The transparent design is to open up a new perspective on the food preparation. Not only the cooking process itself, but also the storage and cleaning of food are made visible. Nothing remains hidden to the observer. The designers see the Infinity kitchen as a mosaic composed piece of a larger vision of a transparent city. Winy Maas meint: „Imagine, not only our kitchens would be transparent, but also the walls to the neighbors, and even to his neighbors were transparent. That would create a wide expanse of perspectives in our cities. It would have a view towards the mountains or the sea open up in our claustrophobic environment.“ All this would of course be possible only under complete task of privacy. And if any always as accurately Knowledge liked, as in the refrigerator, looks at the neighbor and the other residents, remains questionable and probably remains a matter of taste.