when Concert Die Toten Hosen in Leipzig last summer singing 70’000 People „Arise, if you On the bottom are“. In the middle of the song suddenly Wölli came on stage, joined in the chorus, because the song was for him. Wölli had cancer. Until the late nineties, he was sitting at the Toten Hosen on drums, now the former drummer of the punk rock band at the age of 66 Years died.

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Wolfgang Rohde, called the all merely Wölli, was a member of the band, as this hits like „Here comes Alex“ or „Everything from Love“ published. The former drummer of the Toten Hosen, of the 1986 to 1999 set the pace in the band from Dusseldorf, was seriously ill two years ago. The kidney was infected by the cancer, Finally, the lung. But the musician did not want to let it get. So he drove the car to Leipzig, to finally arm in arm singing with Campino and the thousands. Your ex-drummer were the Toten Hosen faithful, even after the latter had said goodbye to the band, because the back no longer mitmachten. Wölli was his roadie Stephen George „from“ replaced Richie, but remained pants Member. The democratically organized band, divides the the shares in the business evenly, let not fall Wölli. He kept the receipts, Richie got his part from.

Wolfgang "Wölli" Rohde

Wölli himself had 1986 the former drummer Klaus-Peter „Trini“ replaced Trimpop, of moving into management of the band. With Wölli on drums, the band achieved its greatest successes, including albums „Damenwahl“, „to the bitter end“ and „Opium of the people“. After several herniated discs Rohde retired from the band, because the physical strain was too much for him. His uncomplicated and cheerful manner brought him to the Toten Hosen, was recorded in the first band biography. Wölli was a nice, sometimes grumpy type, with which you started talking fast. Also in Meerbusch, where the native of Kiel the past 17 lived years, he took the hearts by storm. As soon as he had settled in the Lank-Latum neighborhood, he organized there for many years a rock festival. Musically Wölli remained active. He completed a regular guest appearances at the pants, among other things, at Rock am Ring 2004. 2011 He gave several concerts with „Wölli and the Band of the Year“. Rohde joined the band as a singer. The single release „Everything from the front“ he sang a duet with pants frontman Campino, Andreas „Kuddel“ Holst, also pants Member, plucking the guitar.

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Wölli is survived by two sons. Beginning 2015 the longtime manager of the dead had already pants, Jochen Hülder, died. He had been buried in the common grave of the rock band at the Düsseldorf Südfriedhof. Also „Woll“ Rohde had a place in the „Family grave“ Registered. „If I have a few meters earth above me, please as, where the boys will be sometime later!“, he had said. The band shared the following on facebook With:

Musically give me the pants no longer much, the albums from the 80s but I think today for great. For this Wölli sat behind the shooting gallery. At that time, I've witnessed so few concerts and I will never forget! And I'll never forget Wölli. You were part of my youth. Now haste battle Lost. The moment, where a defiant „Everything at the beginning“ does not work anymore. take care, Age Warhorses. The first of the legendary Düsseldorf Opel transition now rests on always. Perhaps in Paradise. Thank you for good Music! And now this shit out skin and turns the boxes on! R.I.P. Woll!