To scare me in movies or even disgusted, braucht es tatsächlich so einiges. Year 1979 the people were, however, still a bit different plan, as well Youtuber darkcastle2012 reported (But the version of the video comes from Jacko Skull, who has the time adapted to each other):

This is actual AUDIO (with the appropriate Video scenes added — a little out of sync, Sorry) taken inside a Hollywood Boulevard movie theater in October 1979. I lived in Hollywood, California at the time. But failed to see the film in 1978 when it originally came out. The following year, in October 1979, it was re-released and playing at the Vine Theater (on Hollywood and Vine), where it was doubled-featured with The Toolbox Murders (also from 1978). I took an old Radio Shack cassette tape recorder inside the theater with me and sat in the front row to try and capture some of the music audio from both films. The Toolbox Murders’ audience was quiet. Halloween’s audience was not.

When people before Fear cry at the movies, is pretty entertaining, but unfortunately nowadays comes before too rare. But I do not know yet, ob ich dafür die Qualität der Filme oder die Übersättigung des Publikums verantwortlich machen soll