We all live a lie, believes writer and director Spencer Cathcart, of the following Video declared, why we are being lied to people, who is behind it and why it hardly notices a…

It is early in the morning, the alarm clock is ringing. Outside it is dark and cold. You are tired, have a feeling, you're just asleep only. The head throbs, his eyes are heavy. But you force yourself, to get up. You tears yourself together and hit the blanket aside. With stiff legs you move towards coffee. The hot, brown liquid helps you, to get through the day. Now you're awake and follow your Routine. Just like on any other day. You leave the house, it is always not quite bright. You take the same metro as every day, 're running the same roads along, keep to the same red lights, until you finally are in the office, to work as long, until it is dark again.

This is your life. Have you picked it as you? Every day live like yesterday? Do you live a life of freedom? Probably not. „Life is not a movie“, sagt Cathcart am Ende. „The script is not written yet. We are the authors. This is our history.“ it is worth, to stay until the end off, because only if we intervene, if we fight together for our lives and share our thoughts together, there is still hope For us People.

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