In the 80s, the former Soviet Union nuclear missiles transported in trains through East Germany. The nuclear missiles could be launched from these trains at any time, called railway missile complexes, whose last until 2005 was scrapped. This documentary shows one of the trains on his last voyage and gives a lot of background information on the Russian railway missile complexes.

The military railway missile complex (russisch Battle railway missile system) was from the Soviet Union in the early 1980s put into operation in train, who was armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles of the type RT-23. Opposite the fixed silos train units had the advantage, that the opponent is not exactly wissen could, where they just were.[1] From space they were hardly distinguishable from cooling trains.

From the outside, the trains resembled its usual time machine cooling trains. A traction unit consisted of three eight-axle wagon, one of them with each individual rocket a, a command car, also a car for the staff in coaches design and several diesel locomotives. The railway missile complexes could, except on bridges, launch their rockets everywhere, where they do not by catenary suspension points, Tunnel or the like have been disturbed; the goods to your use time about 145.000 km route network. Between two poles which are live catenary could be pushed through up and swiveled to the side hydraulic ram to the side. To ensure stability during the erection of the starting container, possessed the silo via hydraulically extendable supports.

1990 were still six of these traits in action, due to the agreement entered into force, finally, not START II between the United States and Russia these were scrapped. 2005 was the last train out of the Intercourse taken and 2007 the last corresponding RT-23 destroyed.

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Doku; Russland Der rollende Tod Russlands geheimste Waffe auf letzter Fahrt