Once the guy who perched on the trees,
hairy and with evil Visage.
Then you have lured them from the jungle
and the world paved and increased,
until the thirtieth floor.

There they sat, fleas fled,
in centrally heated rooms.
As they sit on the phone.
And there is still exactly the same sound
as it did on the trees.

You hear far. they watch TV.
They are the universe in touch.
You brush your teeth. Breathe modern.
The earth is an educated rating
with a lot of water rinse.

You shoot the correspondence through a tube.
They hunt and breed microbes.
You versehn nature with all the comforts.
Fly steeply into the sky
and stay for two weeks up.

What leaves something their digestion,
they processed into cotton.
They split atoms. They heal incest.
And they note by Style investigations,
that Caesar had flat feet.

They have the head and the mouth
created the human progress.
But it apart and
considered in the light they are in the ground
more always the old monkey.

Erich Kastner, 1899 – 1974, German writer, publicist, Screenwriter