has a ranking of the sharpest Zombie Film created Girls, I still would like to present here also like, but in my view the first three places were as follows, wherein the number. 1 unumstösslich ist 🙂

on space 5 landet Monica aus Dawn of the Dead (2004), played by Kim Poirier. Since the film has not been run too long, one will certainly remember the girl. Exactly, arms Monica is processed by the old bag on the bus with a chainsaw to Sushi.

Space 4 bekommt Julie Walker aus Return of the Living Dead III, played by Mindy Clarke. Julie has an absolutely essential role in the film and is almost a quarter of an hour and a cross between human and zombie, a Hyprid and is torn when hunger for human flesh and the Love to her boyfriend. This internal struggle makes them slow astray and so they begin their zombie body violently to decorate, as you u.a. can see in the above image.

And place here 1 Slack aus Land of the Dead, played by Asia Argento. Dem gibts nix mehr hinzuzufügen 😉