Today let's leave the ordinary worried German citizens have their say. Because „German“ has nothing to do with the appearance or color of the skin, but that, to respect the land and its values. All over the world is how longer the more clear-only right or clear-links permissible, who is venturing into political overtones, is politely but firmly pushed in either direction. This is equally cute as dangerous, when everybody knows, the truth that is usually in the middle. But the middle is just out. But something of. The Schoolyard Society with her „Lalala, were still refugees in Cologne here, Ätsch-Bätsch!“ however, is just totally hip. Nicely there are also people like Nathan Dash Me holding the flag in the center.

Nathan comes originally from the Congo, but lives with his family in Germany. And he does so gladly, as in a Video At facebook and makes clear Youtube. He responds to the discussion, which was based on New Year's Eve in Cologne. And it is clear, that he would like is in Germany: „Neither I would get help from the state, when it comes fucked me, yet I had the chance, to visit a hospital.“ He asks the question, what right do some people take out things, the sullied the reputation of all foreigners in Germany. Because he did not believe, that someone would shit in their home on the carpet. His unequivocal invitation: „Just Pack up your clothes and go home!“

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