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Finally the Swiss Fantasy / science fiction film comes „The polder“ Samuel Schwarz and Julian M. Grünthal in die Kinos. at the 1. September 2016 is applicable, after the film about a year ago on NIFFF premiere. Now including the mainstream audience can look forward outside of film festivals on the film. To celebrate the release you can also come up with some. Den Film begleiten werden unter anderem eine App für Android and iOS, Which „The polder“ well away from the big screen to bring to life. It will certainly be interesting to see, whether moviegoers will jump on it. Ob via App, Hörspiel oder Film, it will be interesting to the new plant of „Mary & Johnny“-directors. Not only because the first TRAILER einen tollen Eindruck hinterlässt, but also because there is simply too little genre films from the Switzerland are. This makes the Theatrical Release of „The polder“ umso schöner.

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Der Polder Official Trailer (2016)

NEUROO-X steht für Games, die die Grenze zwischen Wirklichkeit und Realität aufheben. A new gadget, the legendary RED BOOK, provides the ultimate gaming experience. Die geheimsten Sehnsüchte der Gamer werden von der Engine gescannt und in phantastische Adventures verwandelt. Marcus, the Chief Development Manager of NEUROO-X dies nearing completion of the RED BOOK. His mistress Ryuko finds out, that in the test series of the game in China terrible happened and the deeper it dives into the mystery of NEUROO-X, umso mehr verliert auch sie den Bezug zur Realität. Sie vernachlässigt ihren Sohn Walter, logging into the game and disappears in the digital parallel world. Ryuko findet sich wieder in einer Welt voller Dämonen, Witches, Ritter and terrorists.

Der Fantasy-Film schickt seine Zuschauer in eine Welt aus digitalen Nebenwelten und Gamer-Sehnsüchten. "Polder" was awarded the Méliès d'Argent in Trieste best European science fiction film.

In the first transmedia project in Switzerland more trashy sci-fi dystopias can via the app "The polder" be experienced. In the film shows the parallel worlds also be linked to the cinema: Before the film of / the spectator is guided by means of an audio walks on a walk around the cinema, listen to fantastic stories and encounters magic figures. During the performance, actors from the film interact in theatrical elements with the audience - a very special experience.

therefore: The app "The polder" (available from 15. August) load on smartphone and bring headphones! In selected cities, you can since the APP release via radio plays into the story world of "polders" plunge.

The polder
Developer: Gbanga
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The polder
Developer: Millform Ltd
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