Nowadays one knows „Friday 13th“, „A Nightmare on Elmstreet“, „Halloween“ and of course „Scream“, but none of them invented the slasher genre, perhaps influenced, but they were not the first of their craft. In the following Video there are some illustrative examples to see, defining the genre of slasher horror. Far away from the art blood but there are also interesting versions of The Film Theorists‚ Kyle, explaining not only the development and use of some stereotypical elements of the genre, but presents also the first actual film of this type: „Black Christmas“ Bob Clark in 1974, actually in a way that Rules aufstellte for this kind of horror: Pretty girls, phone calls, public holidays. everything, that came after, was basically just a tribute, at worst, a copy.

out of horror movie sub-genres, slasher films are perhaps the most famous. They are known for creating classic horror tropes like sex, Gore, and women running around pants-less. BUT what started this gory film craze??